Grande Garlic - Grade AX Sold!

Well, this is a spectacular piece. While not huge, this is an impressively large pipe. The cross grain is unique and rare. The front of the pipe is beautiful, and the focused birds eye on the smoker's side is unbelievably tight. The shank grain is mighty, and for a bit of perspective, the shank width at the stem is .91 inches (231 mm) and the stem before it tapers into the saddle is .96"! It features my amber contrast stain and a black ebonite stem. Oh, and did I mention the grain on the top of the bowl?

Height: 2.65" / 6.73 cm
Length: 5.91" / 15 cm
Diameter: 1.79" / 4.55 cm
Chamber: .75" / 19 mm
Weight: 2.4 oz / 69 g
Bowl Depth: 1.88" / 4.78 cm