Billiard - Grade B Sold!

A great piece of wood! Very “old school” in style, with horizontal grain on the front and back of the bowl, and beautiful birds’ eye on each side. It has an oval shank, a slight curve in the stem and a slightly beveled rim, sort of like a Bing’s Favorite, but with standard proportions. In fact, I carved it during a snow storm we had just before Christmas. A “White Christmas”, to be sure, but after 28 inches, I was thinking that Mr. Crosby could kiss my butt!

Height: 1.95" / 4.9 cm
Length: 5.7" / 14.4 cm
Diameter: 1.44" / 3.67 cm
Chamber: .75" / 19 mm
Weight: 1.2 oz. / 34.5 g
Bowl Depth: 1.64" / 4.17 cm