Saddle Billiard - Grade D Sold!

Thirty years ago this summer I graduated from high school and the fly shop where I worked was filled with pipe smokers. A bock away was a great pipe shop (The Churchwarden) so I went over during lunch one day and bought my first pipe. A Saddle Billiard, about a group 4, very much like this one. I still have and still enjoy that pipe, and thought it would be fun to offer one from my own hand thirty years later. The stain is a very light tan, and the stem is brindle ebonite.

Height: 1.82" / 4.6 cm
Length: 5.58" / 14.2 cm
Diameter: 1.45" / 3.68 cm
Chamber: .75" / 19 mm
Weight: 1.3 oz. / 37 g
Bowl Depth: 1.51" / 3.83 cm