Tadpole #1 - Grade B Sold!

This is a new shape I have decided to call the Tadpole. It came about quite by accident. I was working on a bent Tomato, and while trying to find the grain on the outside edges of the large block I ended up with a real mess. It was a triangular oddity with a ridge line running along the bottom of the bowl where the grain appeared to begin its journey upward. From there, it seemed to go nowhere. I was about to toss it in my discard pile, but stubbornness to at least make something I could smoke out of the $50 chunk of briar made me place it in front of me on the workbench. I whacked a bit off here and there for a couple of weeks, and when I had had enough, I got more aggressive and took about half an inch off each side. Voila! Grain! I followed the ridge on the bottom onto the bottom of the shank, and it all took off from there. I am excited about the shape, and have 2 additional variations in progress. This one is going to David Quisenberry in exchange for all his hard work moving my site to a new web host, but you will see more Tadpole’s in the future.

Height: 1.44" / 3.6 cm
Length: 5.83" / 14.8 cm
Diameter: 1.44" / 3.6 cm
Chamber: .75" / 19 mm
Weight: 1.5 oz. / 43g
Bowl Depth: 1.09" / 2.77 cm